A cure for the bad news blues (edited from discipleship journal)

1 Give thanks as a holy discipline. True gratitude involves the heart as well as the lips. But sometimes when our hearts our cold our words can be sparks that rekindle us again
2 Give thanks for small, ordinary things. It”s easy to lose sight -and become unappreciative -of blessings from God we recieve often and regularly.
3 Look for hidden blessings.Col4:2 says “be watchful and thankful”.
4 Thank Him especially amid adversity.God wants us to demonstrate trust in His care. 1Thess5:18says”Give thanks in all circumstances”.
5 Focus on God’s purposes in your life rather than fears and worries. Because of His perspective, Jesus could give thanks for a last supper that would establish a new covenant He had come to make possible.
6 Give your attention and care to others who are facing great difficulty. As you focus on the needs of others,your gratitude for God,s provision in your life will deepen.
7 Set aside time daily to express thanks to God Cultivate an “atitude of gratitude”.
8 Thank God pulicly and corperately.When we join with other believers we encourage one another.
9 Try a voluntary fast from something you take for granted. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
10 .Keep a record of God’s faithfulness. “count your blessings”. Record them in a journal.
11 Show gratitude towards others. Make an effort to tell people you appreciate them.
12 Keep giving generously to those in need. Giving imitates God’s own graciousness and leads others to thank Him.


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