On Psalm 6

The piece below is quoted from “The Encouragement Bible” and is written by Jan Dravecky.  I thought it was so good I decided to share it.

“If you have ever been depressed, you know the symptoms: faintness of heart, agony of body, anguish of soul, weariness from groaning, a pillow stained with tears, eyes weak from sorrow…

Have you ever been there before? I have.  I have felt many of the same symptoms that David describes in Psalm 6. Here was a man after God’s own heart.  Israel’s most illustrious king, a giant killer from his youth– yet here was a man given to depression…David’s battle with depression was recorded for all time in God’s word (Read Psalms 6), demonstrates that the Lord understands our weakness.   He want us to know we can come out all right!

David shows us not only that difficult times come to us all, but that we can approach God boldly and tell him just how difficult things are…


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